How To Check If Someone Is Married

Posted by Is Someone Married | On: Dec 28 2011

There are times when we might be interested in knowing the marital status of a given individual. This may be because we would like to get romantically involved with them or just for any other major reason. Listed below are the various methods of how to check if someone is married.

First you can hire a private investigator

This method will cost you some amount of money but is the easiest as you will not do the job yourself and you will appear less suspicious. After you have agreed on the amount and given the details of the individual you just have to relax and wait for an answer from the investigator. Most investigators have experience and will give accurate information.

Check for any obvious signs

One simple way of getting to know a persons relationship status is just by making some observations. Most married people wear rings and even if they have removed them you will still be able to see the tag line left on the finger. If you can access the pictures they carry in their wallets you will also be able to tell.

You can check at any marriage record finder online

There a number of record finder websites on the internet and you just have to look for an appropriate one which can find marriage records. All you have to provide is the individuals first and last name and date of birth and if they person is legally married all the details you need will be displayed. This method is very simple and free but if the person has not registered the marriage you will not get to know.

You may enquire from family and friends

If you know the individuals family or close friends you can ask them about the marital status of the individual. You will have to ask several of them as others may not be aware while other may just lie about it. If the answers you get vary or have lots of discrepancies then you can choose another method to verify them.

You can search for their names online

Most search engines are very powerful and would provide the details you need to know. Just by simply searching an individuals name you will be given very many details regarding the person. You can even come across an advertisement of the persons wedding on online newspapers. Most people are also listed in social websites and you will get most information about them when you check out their profiles in such sites.

Checking the law enforcement databases

Unlike long ago when most details about individuals was kept secret this days you can access information from law enforcement databases on most individuals just y downloading the appropriate software. You will then provide the individuals details and all the information regarding that individual will be available for you. One major advantage with this method is that you will also get information about the person’s criminal record an as such get to knot hw person much better.

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