How To Find a Person

Posted by Is Someone Married | On: Dec 28 2011

There comes at time when you have to find a certain individual that you knew but lost contact with. At times you want to find a person that you do not even know for instance a biological parent or just along lost acquaintance. This may be very difficult but thanks to the current technology you can find a person just by following simple methods. 

Finding an individual by making his/her profile

First you need to make a detailed profile of the person and include all details you know such as:

  • The individuals Name
  • His/her Age and date of birth
  • Any  old addresses you know
  • Any Past jobs or schools this person has ever attended
  • The various Habits, likes, dislikes of this individual
  • Any other additional information you know about this individual

After this then search for the individuals name online any additional information you get about this individual add it in the profile, mostly all the location this person is noted to have visited or stayed.

Once you have a good profile of the individual you can search for the individual in the various People Search Engines which are designed to specifically find people. You feed in all the necessary information you have and the individual will be found if he/she is available in the directories.


How to find a person by checking the person’s phone number online

If you have an individual’s number you can choose to search for the number online. If he or she has ever listed or advertised the number anywhere online, then you will it will turn up. When placing the entire number, you can try placing it in quotes, using hyphens, and periods to separate some numbers to make your search more specific.

The area code can easily be tracked to areas where they have been used. The next three digits in the number are the exchange area, these exchange areas cover a small section of a city or just a small town and as such you may contact the phone company in that area to help you trace the individual. They may also assist you get a smaller map where you can look for the individual.


How to find a person by looking at the organizations associated with that person

Any organization such as a church, a professional or a non-profit organization that the person you are looking for has ever joined can help you get the individual. All you have to do is check the individuals name in that organizations name directory and if you find the individual there you can contact the organizations and ask where the individual lives.


Finding a person by posting an advertisement

If you know where the individual lives in you can post a local advertisement that explains the individual you are looking for and why. You will also have to include your contact details. You can also choose to build a simple website with the individuals name as the main key word and if ever the individual looks for his/her name online then they will contact you. If you know the hobbies and interest of the individual you can try posting the ads at various forums and email lists such individual are interested in. but you need to ensure that you do not reveal any information about the individual in such forums.


Finding an individual by hiring a private investigator

If you do not have time to find the person you are looking for you may choose to hire a professional and provide them with enough information about the individual and they will trace them and locate them for you


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